Domestic Services



Whatever blockage it is that you’re suffering with, Blitz have the expertise to clear it, and clear it fast. Anything from a blocked manhole, drain or sewer to a slow draining sink or blocked bath. So, if your manhole is full or your gully is blocked; get in touch today for a fast, efficient and affordable domestic services.

CCTV gear

CCTV Surveying

All our vans carry the latest colour CCTV survey equipment. This allows us to inspect the internal condition of pipework, drains and sewers. We will often inspect the pipes once we have unblocked a drain to try to identify the cause of the blockage.


Drain Cleaning and Repairs

If you require a traditional drain replacement, repair by excavation, a new manhole lid and frame or gully then we can carry out that work for you. We often use CCTV cameras to locate and trace a drain run so we can replace it easily.