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CCTV Drain Surveying

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What you can expect from Blitz drainage
  • All our vans carry colour CCTV equipment

  • We identify the cause

  • Pre-purpose CCTV Survey

  • Full written report & DVD of footage

All our vans carry the latest colour CCTV survey equipment. This allows us to inspect the internal condition of pipework, drains and sewers. We will often inspect the pipes once we have unblocked a drain to try to identify the cause of the blockage. Our qualified staff are able to carry out a detailed survey of the drains of any property you may be buying or selling. This will bring to light any faults in the drainage system as well as giving an understanding of the routing and how the system is connected. A full written report with a site plan and DVD of the camera footage is issued. 
We have the expertise and equipment needed to provide quality, colour CCTV footage of your drain.
CCTV Surveying can also help with...

Rat problems

If you have a rat problem in your property then we can carry out a drainage survey and find out where they are coming in. If a pest control expert is struggling to contain your rat problem; get in contact with us. The majority of rat infestation problems are due to faults in a drainage system.

Build over agreement

If you are building over or near a sewer owned by the water authority you will need to carry out a CCTV Drainage Survey before and after the works, to show you have not damaged their sewer. Our CCTV reports comply with industry requirements (WRC Standard with a plan).
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