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Drain Cleaning & Repairs

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What you can expect from Blitz drainage
  • Repairs & replacements

  • CCTV Surveying to locate the issue

  • No-dig methods

  • We can install liners & epoxy resins

If you require a drain repair or replacement by excavation, a new manhole lid and frame, or a gully then we can carry out that work for you. We often use CCTV cameras to locate and trace a drain run so we can replace it easily. Some repairs can be carried out by what is called “no-dig” methods. If your drain run is causing problems we could repair it and make it watertight by installing a liner along its length or if the problem is only in one place, we could fit a no-dig epoxy resin patch.
10 Year Guarantee Badge Blitz Drainage
We offer a 10 Year Guarantee on all drain repairs!
The benefits of using our drain cleaning & repairs service

High-pressure water jetting

Our team are skilled in a practice known as High-Pressure Water Jetting. This is a process by which high pressured water is used to force debris out of a drain.

Environmentally friendly

There are a number of advantages to using this system. No chemicals are utilised, meaning the process is environmentally friendly and it creates lasting results.
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